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  • Conventional

    A Conventional Real Esate Loan is one that is provided by a private lender, bank, or credit union. With a conventional loan, you get the money you need up front, and pay back the lender over the course of your mortgage. Conventional real estate loans typically require a down payment and good finances to secure the best terms.

  • Bridge

    A Bridge loan is a short-term real estate loan used until a person or company secures permanent financing or pays an existing obligation. It allows the borrower to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow .

  • Hard Money

    A Hard Money Loan is a short-term, non-conforming loan for commercial or investment real estate properties, that doesn't come up from traditional lenders, but rather people or private companies that accept property or an asset as collateral. Instead of relying on the creditworthiness of a borrower, hard money lenders instead weigh the merits of the investment that a borrower is looking to fund and use that investment as collateral.

  • SBA

    SBA (Small Business Administration) Real Estate Loans offer eligible small businesses long term fixed-rate loans with low down payments (up to 90% LTV/LTC). An SBA loan is partially guaranteed by the government. When financing a commercial real estate property, the property must be at least 51% owner-occupied.

Program Features


5+ Multiunit

5+ Mixed Use

Apartment Complexes

Auto Service



Strip Mall

Residential Business Purpose

And others – Contact Us



Great program for experienced investors with good credit.

Our Best Rates

Loan Amounts to $3 Million

No Income Documentation

6 Months Reserves Required

LTVs to 90%

Credit Scores Start at 600+

Minimum Loan Amt $150K

Gross Income (Rents) / PITIA

ARM & Interest Only Options

Fixed Rates Available


A more flexible investor program allowing higher loan amounts and lower credit scores.

Loan Amounts to $3.5 Million

No Income Documentation

3 Months Reserves Required

LTVs to 80%

Credit Scores Start at 620

Minimum Loan Amt $100K

Max Cash out 75%  LTV

Gross Income (Rents) / PITIA

ARM & Interest Only Options

Fixed Rates Available

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